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Microdialysis probes

The EP Probe is designed to collect small and large molecules from the extracellular space of different tissues.

EP Probes are linear and consist of a semipermeable hollow fiber in which a stainless steel guidewire is inserted. The fiber is inserted and glued into polyethylene tubing. All parts of the probe are medical grade.

EP Probes are available in three forms – EP Low, High & Ultra High Flux linear probes.

  • EP linear probes have several applications:
  • Studies of skin inflammation in basic research
  • Pharmacokinetic studies of drug uptake across skin
  • Studies of drugs inducing allergic reactions in skin
  • Studies in toxicology

Pharmacodynamic studies of drugs intended for treatment of allergic and other inflammatory skin reactions
Skin microdialysis is already widely used and studies have been published on skin histamine, prostaglandins and tryptase in vivo and ex vivo. Histamine release has been studied using established mast cell activating substanses. In addition, studies have been performed to address questions of the involvement of histamine in neurogenic inflammation in human skin. Further, histamine release to potential skin mast cell activators and pharmacologic inhibitors has been studied both in vivo and ex vivo.

EP Low Flux Probes 2 kDa

Set of 5 pcs€ 200,00

EP Low Flux Probes 20 kDa

Set of 5 pcs€ 250,00

EP High Flux Probes 45 kDa

Set of 5 pcs€ 270,00

EP High Flux Probes 300 kDa

Set of 2 pcs€ 108,00