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About EP Medical

EP Medical ApS is a Danish medical device and research company established in 2006 in Copenhagen, Denmark, by Professor, DMSc, Per Stahl Skov and Sales & Marketing Director Eva Valbjørn Sørensen.

The company markets microdialysis probes – EP Probes (High and Low Flux) – and solutions for advanced research within skin microdialysis.

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EP Low Flux Probes 2 kDa

Set of 5 pcs€ 200,00

EP Low Flux Probes 20 kDa

Set of 5 pcs€ 250,00

EP High Flux Probes 45 kDa

Set of 5 pcs€ 270,00

EP High Flux Probes 300 kDa

Set of 2 pcs€ 108,00

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